“IGP Must Charge Coach Milo for Causing Financial Loss to The State” – Johnnie Hughes


Johnnie Hughes has today hit hard on the Black Stars team as well as its immediate stakeholders. Johnnie described the team’s recent defeat as “shambolic”. 

Speaking on TV3 this morning, Johnnie added that the ministry in charge of sports has not had any reshuffling since this government came into power. He believes that, this is one of the key reasons why the team is currently not performing.

He also went hard on the coach. He explained that, he has never seen a coach like him before. He explained that, how can a coach wait and concede a goal before he makes changes on the field.

Speaking on Tv3 New Day Show, Johnnie Hughes also made it clear that the IGP and the attorney general should charge the coach for causing financial loss to the state. The coach knew that the team was not strong enough yet he went ahead to coach them, causing financial loss to the state.

“You knew that the team was not strong and you knew that we needed money to do other things and you pressed to take a weak team there. If I were the Attorney General and The IGP, I will charge you for causing financial loss to the state” he said.

He also added that, the amount of money spent by these footballers in this shot period can do a lot of things for the country including the payment of arrears of all NABCO Personnel.

Click here to watch the video.

By Rexbank (Self-Media Writer)

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