I Won't Spend Money to Solve Flooding in Accra If You Don’t Stop Throwing Garbage into Gutters

I Won’t Spend Money to Solve Flooding in Accra If You Don’t Stop Throwing Garbage into Gutters – President Akufo-Addo Boldly Tells Ghanaians

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The same old story of destruction to life and property has been recorded once again during a severe downpour that began on Saturday and lasted four days.

In the throwback video, Ghana’s President, Nana Akufo Addo, stated that he will not use the country’s money to fix the problem unless Ghanaians change their attitudes, which include pouring trash into gutters, which contributes significantly to the destruction of properties.

The issue of the persistent Accra floods was put to him by the Ghanaian community in Toronto when he visited Ghana.

Addressing the Ghanaian community in Toronto, he said Ghanaians back home have the attitude of throwing garbage in gutters.

According to the President, people pile up their garbages, wait till it’s raining so they could dump them in the gutter.

He explained that with this attitude, no matter how he fixes the drainage issues, the problem will persist.

We want this; we want that but the attitudinal change that will enable us to bring value to these demands that is always left out. Up till today, whiles the Odor river is being dredged, there are still people at home when the rains come think that the easiest way to deal with dirt in the house is to throw it out into the gutter.

Those things have to come to a stop. We all have to speak to each other to bring those things to a stop because if we don’t, no matter the investment that we make at the end of the day we will be back to square one and I’m not prepared to spend your money in that way again”. President Nana Akufo Addo boldly stated.

By: Michael Djan

French Tutor and Digital Marketing Blogger/Content Writer and GhanaWeb Professional Reporter/ frencheducationgh.com

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