I Have No Regret Being a Teacher for 36 Years

“I Have No Regret Being a Teacher for 36 Years”-Robert Ajene

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Mr. Ajene was the first person in the Region to become a Director of Education and the first person from the Northern part of the country to be promoted to the rank 9th Divisional Director of Education. His One of the country’s finest educationists and statesmen.

Speaking to Apexnewsgh.com on Wednesday, April 20, 2022, Mr. Ajene said, during his time as a teacher he was very concerned about his teaching and that keeps him focused on producing countless nationalists across the country which till date he is so proud of. he has no regret being a teacher for 36 years.

Asking whether he regrets being a teacher? Mr. Ajene said: “I was concerned about my teaching and I produced so many nationalists. Late Aliu Mahama was my student, Edward Mahama and even the former President of the National House of Chief was my student. I produced so many Medical Doctors, if went to medical school, I should have been the only doctor. But I produced so many doctors, I produced so many statesmen, and I have touched the human resource elements of most Ghanaians anywhere in the country. So, why should I regret as a teacher”. Mr. Ajene asked.

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He added; “Today, when they enter into teaching, is just like going to a farm and say, if you have planted ten acres of maize, one acre will get you ten bags and you buy hundred empty bags waiting. That is not the type of teaching we want. They have just started and they haven’t seen anything, they should be patient enough. A teacher today wants a car and they compare themselves to others, don’t compare because someone’s problem would have liked to be a teacher. I have never and will never regret being a teacher.”

He finalized his point by saying; “I am not a politician but I have touched the human development of this country more than most politicians, so what is my regret. These politicians respect me. If I entered Ghanaian Parliament 20, 30 percent or maybe more than that will rise and say this is our teacher and I have been very significantly proud that am a teacher”.

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