“I Have a Master’s Degree, Yet My Salary Is Not Up to ¢3,000, I’ll Quit to Become a Cleaner”-Female SHS Teacher Laments

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On Onua TV’s “Onua Maakye Program on Wednesday morning 26, 2021, Captain Smart hosted some female teachers as they discussed issues on Education and the conditions of service of the teachers.

Teaching with Master’s Degree

On the show, Sarah Yeboah Mensah, a Master’s Degree holder who teaches Biology and Integrated Science at the Senior High School (SHS) says she believes the diligence in the payment she will take as a cleaner in Dubai might be better than her salary as a teacher.

Mrs. Yeboah Mensah noted on Onua TV/FM’s ‘Maakye’, that she takes less than GH₵3,000.00 as an SHS teacher with a Master’s Degree. She said, “If I get the opportunity to be a cleaner somewhere and the salary is okay, I’ll quit teaching and do that. I’m a Master’s degree holder and teach Biology and Integrated Science in the SHS and my take-home is less than 3000,” she told host, Captain Smart.

She added another shocking revelation that, “the situation of teachers is so bad that some of their colleagues have to starve throughout school hours and solicit transportation before they can go home after school.”

According to Sarah Yeboah, the Government of Ghana pays little or no attention to the well-being of teachers in the country.

During the Discussion, one Female teacher made a statement, after the President’s statement Last year, “teachers cannot be millionaires” her kids as well as the children she teaches don’t want to become teachers.

Why Are Teachers Leaving the Profession?

She added that even though she knows conditions of services are poor, at least the President of the Country shouldn’t have said that. According to her, that statement has dampened the spirit of many teachers in the field.

She pleaded with the Government to better their conditions of service by providing equipment to work with and also increase their salaries to help raise their standards of living.

Source: frencheducationgh.com

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