CAGD Sends a Strong Warning to All Government Workers Concerning Fraudsters

How to Validate Your Image and Change Your Phone Number in CAGD Payslip?

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The Controller and Accountant General Department (CAGD) after the payslip portal upgrade has left many Government workers who receive their salaries through the controller in a dilemma as validation of their images has become a major challenge.

Validators who tried validating the images of staff members but could not succeed have another chance to do it this month. The challenges can be resolved by acquiring a recent passport picture. Afterward, the validator has to upload it on the SPV portal for CAGD to validate it.

Validators are urged to keep changing the image till it is approved and validated by the controller. Therefore, individuals with the said problem are urged to contact their validators to upload a different image for it to be uploaded.

How to Change Phone Number in CAGD Payslip?

Employees who have the desire to change their phone number can do so by following the procedures in this post and by visiting CAGD Website.

1. Write a letter accompanied by a letter from your Head of Department (HoD) or Human Resource (HR) of your district.

2. Add a copy of the Ghana Card and the SSNIT Card.

3. They will submit these documents to the CAGD Regional Office for onward submission to the Treasury Headquarters.

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