How to support your child do his/her French homework without French background?

French Education

As schools across the country work to raise standards, students sometimes are depressed with load of heavy homework from school to home. The most challenging part is French that seems strange and difficult for them to do.

Parents Can Assist Their Kids in Doing French Homework

In these trying times, many parents are struggling to support their kids do their homework assignment. Some whom out of their busy schedule set some time aside to help their kids do homework with English want to run in the other direction when it comes to French. Simply because they have no background in the French language, no idea about the homework and no one with such background to help.

As a Teacher, I have observed so many times when students come back to school without having their French homework done. So How can parents support their children in French homework that may be outside their skill?

I tried to do a little research on that to help parents do that. To help children in Primary and Secondary school level to do their homework, to think and solve problems for themselves, we don’t have to have all the answers or know everything. A positive attitude can go a long way.

Avoid Telling Your Kids How Much You Hate French/Used to Hate French /Used to Be a Terrible French Student

If students hear your negative attitude about French, they are more likely to develop a bad attitude towards French. Instead, just emphasize that you understand that the homework is not friendly and what matters is that we will do our best to solve it any way. 

Ask Guided Questions

There is no need to have an idea about the homework or know all the answers. Ask questions that will lead your kids in the right direction and allow them to think for themselves to do their work. Questions such as: Can you tell me what you think about this work? How do you know? Why does this answer make sense? So parents take note, it’s better to let your kids explain to you what they’ve learned in class than for you to teach them shortcuts their teacher hasn’t taught.

Motivate Your Kids to Do Their Homework

The interesting side of it is, when you ask which part of the work is confusing, frustrated students will always respond, “All of them.” The issue may not be that they don’t understand what the work is asking and how to approach it, rather the confusion is about how to start and end it.

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Unfortunately, students who rush through their homework are likely to make errors than those who take their time. In addition, if they ask you for help, or you notice that they have made mistakes, don’t immediately tell them what they have done wrong. Instead, ask: “Can you find a mistake that you can correct?” It’s important that kids develop the ability to identify their own mistakes and then fix them.

Despite, the specific French challenge, even if you don’t understand or can’t help explain the work to your children, parents should always encourage their kids to do what they can, to do their best possible to do homework before going to school.

How do you encourage your kids to do their work at home even if it seems difficult?

By: Michael Djan
French Tutor and Digital Marketing Blogger/Content Writer and GhanaWeb Blogger @

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