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How to Register for The GES Occupational Pension Scheme and Check Your Pension Contribution Online

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G.E.S.O.P.S stands for Ghana Education Service Occupational Pension Scheme. It is a Pension Scheme for all staffs of GES. It is mandatory.

This Article will seek to present how to register for the G.E.S Occupational Pension Scheme (G.E.S.O.P.S) and regularly check your Annual Lump-Sum Pension Contribution Online.

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Follow these steps to Register on the Online Member Portal

Step 1: Click on Member Login on www.gespensions.com

Step 2: Click on create one to Register for the GESOPS portal.

Step 3: Enter Staff ID and SSNIT Number

Step 4: Verify Information Provided

Step 5: Enter Email address, create password

Step 6: Enter Staff ID and Password

Step 5: Enter Email address, create password

Step 6: Enter Staff ID and Password

Ghana Education Service staff can regularly check how much their lump-sum pension has accumulated on the online portal of GESOPS.

Since SSNIT no longer pays lump-sum pension benefits, every sector of the workers has their own lump-sum (tier 2) managers.

Ghana Education Service Occupational Pension Scheme (GESOPS) is responsible for the management and payment of tier 2 (lump-sum) payment for Ghana Education Service staff

The website of GESOPS has a provision for staff to regularly check their lump-sum pension contributions and benefits.

Below are the steps to checking your statement online;

1. Visit Member login on the Web Address- https://www.gespensions.com

2. Login if you have registered or click “Create one” to Register for the GESOPS portal.

3. Click on the profile to access your base number. It should follow this format “GP000*”


5. Choose your preferred date range.

6. Enter your login password.

7. Click on submit.

This is an important exercise for all GES staff to undertake. If there is any error, or a data mismatch, call on the number provided at the bottom of the website.

Note: Newly Recruited Teachers cannot access or register at the moment

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