How to Correct Wrong Date of Birth On Your 2022 WAEC Certificate

How to Correct Wrong Date of Birth On Your 2022 WAEC Certificate

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The West African Examinations Council says correction of errors in a candidate’s name is possible before or after the release of the results of an exam but a change of date of birth after the release of a WAEC result is not possible.

But a staff of WAEC has told EducationWeb his outfit has temporarily suspended stop the amendments or correction of date of birth due to the increase in cases of candidates falsifying their ages for some reason to suit their interest.

Please Note that WAEC would not entertain any request for amendment of date of birth after results had been released, therefore do your amendments before the release of results”, he in an email.

This means that if you are the type of candidate whose result has been released and certificate printed or gotten, kindly note that you can only affect changes to your names but not your date of birth.

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Candidates whose results are yet to be released or recently sat for any of the WAEC examinations can easily request corrections of names or date of birth by providing the necessary required documents outlined below.

Requirements for Correction of Name and Date of Birth On Certificate

WAEC requires candidates to provide the following documents before proceeding to any of the Zonal WAEC offices nationwide for the corrections.

1. Attestation Letter (This letter can be gotten from your school proving that you were or still a bonafide student of the institution)

2. Correction Letter (The correction letter is to state the errors found in the WAEC result or certificate, please kindly make sure you admit the mistakes been made)

3. Birth Certificate (This birth certificate must be the original one)

4. WAEC Result or Certificate (The one with the error on it)

5. Sworn Affidavit (Be it for correction of name or date of birth depending on your case)

6. School Register (This are for graduates; you must present your school register showing you were among those who graduated from your institution)

7. Cash amount of GH₵ 149.48 for names correction or date of birth correction. (We don’t know if the price has been reduced or increased).

If you are set with the above-mentioned documents, then you are to visit the nearest WAEC office. You are also to provide your contact details such as phone number and address to be contacted once the amendment has been completed.

Again you are to issue a receipt proving your payment was successful and accepted of which after that you are to wait for a validity period of 3 to 6 months for WAEC to work on your request.

WAEC will contact you once the correction of name and date of birth has been completed to either pick it up yourself or visit their website to print your certificate online.


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