How Much Money Does the Queen Have

How Much Money Does the Late Queen Have?

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Ever wondered how much money the late Queen has and what contributes to her total net worth?

Some experts have estimated what her worth it’s likely to be – based on her incomings.

The late Queen Elizabeth II had a private income from her personal investment portfolio.

According to, she was estimated to be worth £370 million (more than $420 million) — not quite enough to earn her a spot on The Sunday Times’ 2022 “Rich List” of the UK’s 250 wealthiest.

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An annual allowance from the government called the Sovereign Grant covered the queen’s official expenses and those of other royals representing her.

Private Income

The Privy Purse is the name for the monarch’s private income, which mainly comes from the Duchy of Lancaster estate, owned by the monarchy since the Middle Ages. Its assets include land, financial investments and property that are worth more than £500 million.

The estate is made up of 315 residential properties, as well as commercial properties in central London and thousands of acres (hectares) of agricultural land.

So, the late queen was very rich though her personal wealth and income were not known.

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