How Losing My Job Made Me a Millionaire - True Story

How Losing My Job Made Me a Millionaire – True Story

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This is going to sound counterintuitive, but the 2 single most privileged groups of people in this 2022 are:

–         Jobless people

–         Students with their lecturers on strike

Unbelievable right? Let me explain using this story;

If there is one thing these set of people have that they may never get again is TIME. Back in 2019-2020, I was working a job that paid me GHC 700.00 just like NABCO. I remember how I would sit in that office and ask myself “so is this how things are going to be?” Working around the clock all day, all week for money that can’t even take care of my needs.

I felt bad even more because even though I knew I can’t continue like that, I needed time to sit and learn new things. Because its folly to keep doing the same things to expect different results. I couldn’t read books, attend seminars, or any form of training to improve myself and make myself valuable.

Because my job takes most of time and my strength, when I get home it’s to eat and rest for the next day.

But the plan was actually “get a job, invest the monies earn in learning digital marketing”. The plan was to save GHC 350.00 for the digital marketing training, but the problem was that even the salary I was working for I wasn’t seeing it. My own boss pay salary WHENEVER he feels like and there’s nothing you can do about it.

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Most of the times payment comes 3 weeks into the next month or 1 month later.

But this is not about my 9-5 job experience now. It’s about how I spent my time doing unprofitable things. One of the best things that happened to me in 2020 was losing that job. Even though I went broke for almost the next 12 months. But then I had an advantage: TIME.

I invested that time on the internet, learning and getting myself abreast with knowledge in digital stuffs. The weight my body lost due to hunger, my mind gained in value. I channeled all my pain to learning.

Then I found affiliate marketing, buried my head in learning it daily. I would take my bath, take my books and the laptop I borrowed… even the course I bought, I borrowed that money too. The only thing I had for free was TIME, and I invested 99% of it on learning and building myself.

That’s the one thing that has helped me back then. I wasn’t in a rush to make things happen, I literally took my time to learn well and implement gradually.

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Time indeed is the currency of life. If you are wasting your time you are wasting your life. To be honest if I was still on that 700.00/month job, I am sure I wouldn’t be where I am today in my online marketing business. Sometimes to move to the next level you have to burn the bridges and focus.

However, it’s even more painful that some people currently have ALL THE TIME and they are wasting it.

If you are currently idle due to loss of job or you are graduate but currently doing nothing, here’s something I wish I knew then: get a paid course that teaches you how to make money online either with copywriting, amazon, freelancing, or my favorite affiliate marketing.

Give yourself 3-6 months of laser focus and consistently learn, build your mind and practice. Nobody may see what you are doing now, but fortune will always favor the consistent.

Don’t waste time your time doing trial and error, hoping for a job or better job that does not exist or may never come. While you are waiting for that dream job, or your government to do magic to absorb you into the system, rather INVEST that valuable TIME asset you have now in developing yourself.

Read books, get courses, attend seminars. Do productive things with time now. Don’t leave your life to chances be intentional.

By JoeGhemini (self media writer)

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