How Do I Become Stingy Because My Generosity Is Killing Me

“How Do I Become Stingy Because My Generosity Is Killing Me?” – Social Media User Asks

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Who Is a Stingy Person?

A stingy person is someone who is selfish, self-centered; they don’t have any consideration for others. Normally, they have the necessities or the abilities to address the needs of others but they refuse to do so.


Meanwhile, contrary to stinginess, generosity produces within us a sense that we are capable of making a difference in someone’s life, that we are actively addressing the needs of those around us. It’s been reported that generous people are happier, healthier, and more satisfied with life than those who don’t give.

The sad part is, some people take advantage of other’s generosity to hurt them without consideration. A social media user has taken to social media suggest that being generous will send him to an early grave.

In short, he revealed that he wants to become stingy because he has realized he is very generous and it is killing him.

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He made this known in a recent post he made on the popular social media platform, Facebook and the post reads;

Please how do I become stingy because my generosity is killing me?

“I have been dating this girl for almost two years and I make sure I change her underwear every month and change her wardrobe every four month. She is working so I bought her Kia picanto to make her movement easier even to the point I rented a single self-contain so she can have her privacy. Just this week I went to look for her and she is nowhere to be found, I called her line and she wasn’t picking, I went to her work place and she’s not willing to see me.”

One of her friends sent me my girlfriends SAVE THE DATE with another man 😢 😢 😢.

Please help me Because this is the third time I have been jilted.

Is it wrong to love?

Is it wrong to care for the one you love?

Is it wrong to go all out for your woman?

Is it wrong to be generous?

I don’t need any of those things I got for her but please how do I say I don’t have in my next relationship

What are you going to say to this gentleman?

By: Michael Djan

French Tutor and Digital Marketing Blogger/Content Writer and GhanaWeb Blogger @

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