'Hormos' Day at Senior High Schools in Ghana

‘Hormos’ Day at Senior High Schools in Ghana-What’s It?

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Most of every Ghanaian SHS school student has experienced this hilarious concert caricature called ‘Hormos’ Day before. (‘Anaasɛ Mose meboa’?)

It’s fun and a joy to go to Senior High School after you are done with your Junior High School education.

Well, it’s a normal thing for first years in every Senior High School in Ghana to go through a process that they call ‘Hormos Day’ which is normally translated into our local language as ‘Homo Dwan’.

During this period, the first-year students (freshmen) life means you are the source of every Senior’s entertainment. That means, dancing when you are asked to, singing whatever song the Seniors want, being their personal servant, singing them to sleep sometimes and the biggest night most Senior High Schools have: “Freshers night or what some call ‘Hormos Day’ where you have to literally get dressed as a clown and entertain them.”

Being a fresher was tragic but some of us had our revenge by doing the same thing to the next batch of freshers (the cycle continues).

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In a way, these experiences were some pretty good stories to moan about to friends during vacations.

A lot of adults have confessed that it was in High School that they built friendships which had lasted their lifetime, yet they also pointed out that it was during those days that they were their naughtiest. In a nutshell, Secondary School life can be described as exciting, confusing and bitter-sweet.

By: Michael Djan

French Tutor and Digital Marketing Blogger/Content Writer and GhanaWeb Professional Reporter/ frencheducationgh.com

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