Why Primary School Teachers Have Not Received Their Laptops

Hint: Why Primary School Teachers Have Not Received Their Laptops

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After taking a portion of the impacted teachers’ professional development money, the majority of primary school teachers still don’t have their laptops.

Ellis Ferdinand one of the few celebrated education bloggers investigated into the issue of what was causing the delay in the distribution processes and found some alleged solutions that should be shared with the public.

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According to an unsubstantiated claim, it will take longer to distribute computers to teachers who haven’t yet received them. The problem is that the government has not yet credited the suppliers for 70% of the laptop’s price.

As a result, the supplier must wait for the government to carry out its obligations under the contract before it can give the beneficiary a laptop.

There is now strict information for the agents to collect data on KG teachers in remote areas who are to be given laptops.

The distribution of laptops began with SHS, followed by JHS, and then it should have been the turn of primary school teachers who had not yet received them, but they were prioritized ahead of them because there was not enough inventory for them.

Source: ghanaeducation.org

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