GNAT Can't Function Well Because GES Manipulates Them - Concerned Teacher Fumes

GNAT Can’t Function Well Because GES Manipulates Them – Concerned Teacher Fumes

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There are any teachers at the pre-tertiary education level who are very displeased with the roles teacher unions in education are playing in relation to their well-being and conditions of service.

In my interactions with colleague teachers employed by the Ghana Education Service (GES), many have wished there was the option of belonging to no teacher union at all, although that is impossible.

In a statement going viral on social media issued by a concerned teacher who goes by the name Evans Davies, many allegations have been leveled against the mother of all teacher unions in Ghana, viz: Ghana National Association of Teachers, GNAT.

GNAT Is Toothless Because GES Manipulates Them

One of the allegations according to Sir Evans as I prefer to call him, GNAT has been unable to fight for their members’ interest and continue to do so. More so, he revealed that the inability of GNAT to be proactive is because they are securely linked with the GES.

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He noted, “… Old and retired teachers will be quick to say that teachers’ “fundamental problem” is GNAT because GES owe GNAT or have lion’s share in GNAT… Have you realized how many times GNAT has been fruitless in fighting for teachers? GNAT has been (less caring) towards teachers from day one. When teachers needed them most, that is (when) GNAT fails them woefully. GES is the owner of GNAT according to the 1995 ACT that established GNAT. Teachers’ desperation and poverty are all because GNAT is not a union, but a decoy GES agency. Government uses GNAT to (suppress) teachers every day.”

Cost of Living Allowance (COLA)

Mr. Davies, who seems to belong to GNAT also revealed that GNAT is deceiving teachers when they said the government should pay teachers Cost of Living Allowance, COLA.

He mentioned, “… I understand GNAT is fighting for the cost of living allowance! They are just playing to the gallery for their members to know that they are fighting for them. GNAT is an institution on its own and as it stands, it cannot function properly as a true union. Time won’t allow me to compare them to UTAG, CLOSSAG, etc. The difference is crystal clear.”

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In his ending remarks, the outspoken teacher concluded that teachers should exit any teacher union at the pre-tertiary level, whereas the Controller and Accountant General’s Department (CAGD) adds “No Union” to the Change of Association on the E-payslip portal.

What if teachers begin to rethink and leave GNAT and teach them a historical lesson because teachers make GNAT. The Controller should add “NO UNION” to the Change of the Association. We are tired.”

Source: Evans Davies

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