Ghanaian Students in Germany Shares Tips On How to Gain Admission to Study There

Ghanaian Students in Germany Shares Tips On How to Gain Admission to Study There

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Ghanaian studying in Germany, Alexander Commodore has indicated that it is easy to gain admission into any university in Germany if the applicant follows the right process. 

Speaking on SVTV Africa, Alex disclosed that students enjoy free education regardless of their level of education (degree, master’s, Ph.D., etc) However, all you need to pay is the semester fee for six months. 

Alex Mentioned Three Requirements Every Prospective Student Must-Have

A blocked account or Formal obligation letter; A blocked account even though the education is free, the visa applicant must have at least 10,332 euros in a blocked account to prove they have the means to finance themselves throughout the first year of their studies to avoid being a burden on the German government. 

Formal obligation letter; If the applicant does not have the money, they must have a German citizen sign a formal obligation letter. The letter indicates that the signee has full responsibility for the applicant. 

Basic Knowledge in Deutsch

Alex further stated that the applicant needs some documents and certificates to prove that you have acquired some level of education.

“If you only have a WASSCE certificate, it is difficult. You would have to start everything again, and the application is strict. It is easier if you have a little tertiary education,” he added. 

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Alex is currently studying International Studies, Shipping, and Chartering in Bremen.

Kindly watch the full interview on YouTube: SVTV Africa

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