Ghanaian Actor Prince Reveals Jackie Appiah’s Source of Wealth Following Video of Her Mansion

Ghanaian Actor Prince Reveals Jackie Appiah’s Source of Wealth Following Video of Her Mansion

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Veteran Ghanaian Actor, Prince David Osei has lost his cool over how his colleague actress Jackie Appiah has been lambasted online after a video showing her multimillion mansion popped up.

Colleague of actress Jackie Appiah, Prince David Osei, has angrily disclosed the source of Jackie’s wealth on social media.

Luchy’s video showed off Jackie’s extravagant lifestyle and impressive perfume collection, bags and other impressive details of her house.

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After the video went viral, the word “Toto” has been trending in Ghana. This is a reference from people claiming she acquired her wealth through her feminine prowess, not by her career.

However, this ‘toto’ trend on social media angered Actor Prince Osei and took to his Instagram page to attack those criticizing Jackie Appiah.

According to Prince Osei, Jackie has put in a lot of effort since the beginning of her career. He then listed the majority of her financial sources, revealing that she had been hired as a brand ambassador for numerous businesses many years prior, even before she became well-known in Africa.

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The actor then attacked those who claimed that politicians and other powerful people were paying for Jackie’s extravagant lifestyle.

He also took the opportunity to criticize everyone who has been judging other actresses using the same standard.

Here’s what he shared;

“These ladies invest the monies they make from movies and other deals! When Jackie started doing UB40 TVC, Computer Ads was in Legon many years ago!!”.

By: Michael Djan

French Tutor and Digital Marketing Blogger/Content Writer and GhanaWeb Professional Reporter/

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