Ghana Should Reduce Weekend Holidays for Government Workers to Just One Day

Ghana Should Reduce Weekend Holidays for Government Workers to Just One Day – Captain Smart

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Captain Smart with the full name Blessed Godsbrain Smart is an outspoken media personality with the “Onua TV Network”. He is one of the respected and most listened to Media Personality in Ghana. His baritone voice, verbal prowess, and confidence make him one of the best radio presenters in the media and showbiz.

On Onua TV’s “Onua Maakye” program about three days, the controversial journalist Captain Smart suggested that Ghana should reduce the weekend holidays for Government workers to just one day.

His reasons?

He went ahead by explaining his point that, Ghana is a developing country and therefore workers shouldn’t be given so much freedom because we do not have space to breath. So since we are demanding for religious holidays he suggests that we have only one resting day instead of two.

According to Captain Smart, Government works should run 24/7 without closing. “However, Fridays will be resting day for only Muslims, Saturday for Adventists, and Sundays for those who go to church on Sundays. With this, some will be present when others are on their one day break. So all the time, there will be work done and productivity will increase.”

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Workers will use that day for their religious activities and also have some rest. Do you think Government workers will agree with Captain Smart on this topic?

Below is the full video to watch on YouTube.

By: Michael Djan

French Tutor and Digital Marketing Blogger/Content Writer and GhanaWeb Professional Reporter/

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