Ghana Is the Second-Highest Sender of Students to US in sub-Saharan Africa

Ghana Is the Second-Highest Sender of Students to US in sub-Saharan Africa- U.S Ambassador to Ghana


Ghana has taken the second place on the table listing the number of students from African countries in US universities and colleges, a press release from the US Embassy in Accra copied to says.

The U.S. ambassador to Ghana, Virginia Palmer has said that Ghana is the second-highest sender of students to America, only after Nigeria, in all 50 states, in the 2020-21 academic year.

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At the opening of the 2022 Education USA College Fair in Accra, she said: “We have 4,200 students studying in 630 different education institutions in the United States in the last year alone.”

However, Ambassador Virginia Palmer assured Ghanaian students to continue to apply despite challenges it sometimes occurs.

Virginia Palmer said; “Education USA advisors in Kumasi-based centres, they have helped the students that come with information about US universities and to access US$7 million in bursaries and scholarships for studying in the United States.”

She concluded by saying; “So, I encourage Ghanaian students to come and talk to the advisors. Ghana is also among the top 25 countries globally to send graduate students to the United States. The first statistics were undergraduate students. Lot of very distinguished Ghanaian scholars doing graduate work in the United States.”

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