“Why Is Knowing French Important for People in Ghana?” – Samuel Attah-Mensah

French Education

Samuel Attah-Mensah (Sammens) said somewhere last year November, 2021 that it was a failure on the side of Ghana not to have adopted and made French a Second National Language to English.

According to the Managing Director of Citi FM/TV, the state could have harnessed the potential of educating citizens who spoke English and French to give them a competitive advantage in the sub region.

Speaking on the Citi Breakfast Show hosted by Bernard Avle on Friday, Sammens said an ideal university of languages should have been established in the Northern part of Ghana not only to teach Ghana’s french-speaking neighbours English but to also facilitate the teaching and learning of French by the entire citizenry.

“I think by now, we should have had a Univerity of Languages in the Northern part of Ghana to educate our French-speaking neighbours and we will also benefit from that,” he said.

Does Ghana have French influence?

He intimated that Ghana has failed not to have adopted French as a second national language to English especially when it is the only English-speaking nation in the middle of three French-speaking countries.

“I think we have failed as a nation not to have made French a second national language. We have not made good use of that opportunity especially when we are surrounded by French-speaking countries: Togo, Burkina Faso, Cote D’Ivoire,” he lamented.

The Ghana education system allows for the teaching and learning of French from the basic to the tertiary level. However, students are allowed to decide if they want to study the language from the High School level or not based on their respective courses.

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Sammens believes Ghana shouldn’t have had English as its only national language while the opportunity to adopt French has always been available. He intimated that the benefits of having citizens who could speak English and French were enormous.


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