GES Further Studies Requirements and Guidelines for Approval 2022/2023

GES Further Studies Requirements and Guidelines for Approval 2022/2023

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The management of Ghana Education Service has issued the needed requirements and guidelines for further studies for In-service teachers who want to further their studies through Sandwich, Distance or Study Leave Courses in 2022.

Each year, the Ghana Education Service, release this to serve as a guide to teachers seeking to further their studies in any mode.

The Ghana Education Service recognizes and acknowledge the significance of further studies and the need for stuff to upgrade themselves both academically and professionally. Hence all genuine effort by In-service teachers to upgrade themselves for the betterment of the service will be approved.

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Requirements for Further Studies

All applicants are requested to submit three (3) copies each of the following documents listed below to their Districts.

1. Application Letter (Applicants should state the duration for courses – Beginning and Ending of course).

2. Cover Letter by Headteacher and SISO

3. First Appointment Letter

4. Admission Letter

5. Highest Academic and Professional Certificates

6. Current Payslip

7. Personal Record Form (with passport pictures)

8. Last Promotion/ Upgrading Letter

How to Apply for GES Approval for Further Studies According to GES Guidelines

1. Application letters to access such Distance/ Sandwich courses shall be addressed to the District Director of Education. It should state the course to be pursued, duration and periods that the member of staff shall attend to face to face sections with lecturer.

2. The Regional Directorate will compile the details of all qualifying applicants to the headquaters using an attached template.

3. After the Director-General’s approval is given, the Regional Director will issue an approval letter to complete the process using an attached template.

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4. However, applicants seeking for approval for study leave are urged to note that the programme to be offered must be an approved course as indicated in the approved GES courses for study leave.

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