“Free SHS Will Be Over If You Do Not Accept the E-Levy”-Mr. Kusi-Boafo

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Thomas Kusi Boafo, The Chief Executive Officer of Public Sector Reforms Secretariat, has appealed to Ghanaians to accept the E-levy brouhaha in the country otherwise we may lose major developmental activities in Ghana.

E-Levy Ghana

Speaking on Kessben FM’s ‘Amansan Ntie’ programme, Mr. Kusi-Boafo stated that the Government’s income mobilization is very low, resulting in a huge fiscal deficit. According to him, the Government of Ghana will abandon the programmes it is pursuing if the Electronic Transaction Levy (E-levy) is not passed.

He went further by saying, the simplest way to avert the country’s economic challenges and maintain the country’s economy is by accepting the taxation of E-Levy on mobile money transfers.

Free Senior High School

As a result, Ghanaians must make a choice: if we don’t like free education, we must cease hiring our children, we must not increase wages and salaries, and Kusi-Boafo must force workers to resign. I’ll do so, and no one will have to pay the E-levy. There will be no road for you, no schools will be built, and no tier two workers will be paid”.

In addition, Mr. Kusi-Boafo said that without the E-levy, the payment of the second tier pension to workers will also be affected badly indicating that it will be in arrears for several months after which some of the months will be cancelled and a few paid.

He said the country would have to go to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for assistance if the e-levy is not passed.


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