“Extra Classes Is Banned by The Government and We Must Respect That – Kofi Asare

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The Executive Director of Africa Education Watch (EduWatch), Kofi Asare has boldly said that extra classes is banned if it comes as a cost to parents and students. 

Extra Classes

Extra classes are organized by teachers to cover lost lessons but not actually replace them with the normal classes. However, some teachers abused the phenomenon by charging the students illegal fees in addition to the regular salaries they receive.

Disadvantages of Extra Classes After School

Students who get tired after long hours of school learning and activities no longer concentrate on the extra classes provided by their teachers. In addition,it comes as a cost for most parents and students. 

Mr. Asare disclosed on his Facebook page that although he does not object to the fact that extra classes for Junior High students in the public schools is helpful, he believes that school heads and even PA chairmen cannot ask parents or students to pay for it. 

“I agree with those who believe that there may be something extra to teach JHS students, hence extra classes. After all, it is one of the reasons why private schools perform better.” He said. 

According to Mr. Asare, it is the sole responsibility of the Ghana government to cater for students in public schools under the FCUBE policy by absorbing any educational cost of the Ghanaian school child. 

“extra classes must not come with any cost to students or parents, against the FCUBE policy. Government must agree to absorb any such cost that may arise.” He added, “A classic example is the extra classes under the free SHS, which is fully funded by the government. For now, extra classes is banned by the Government, and we must respect that…” 

Following his visit to the Bawaleshie Presby JHS yesterday, Mr. Asare found out that learners paid GH¢ 2 as extra classes fees a day. However, after deliberating with the school head and PA chairman, they decided to refund the extra classes money to the students aside banning the practice in the school.

“…head, PA Chair agree with me that Extra Classes is a banned service, if it comes with cost to students/parents. No more paid extra classes. Refund is ongoing. I thank them for their understanding.” He noted. 

By BricyBoateng (Self-Media Writer)

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