Eating Fufu After 4PM Might Be Dangerous to Our Health- Medical Practitioner

Eating Fufu After 4PM Might Be Dangerous to Our Health- Medical Practitioner

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For many people, their supper can only be eaten at a late hour. By this, I’m referring to times like 7pm or later. The reasons why are obvious. They get home late from work.

A few people are also just habitual late eaters even though they might have the opportunity to eat earlier in the evening. For some men too, they must eat their wife’s food regardless of the time they arrive back home if they want peace.

In recent times it has been made known that fufu which serve as main food for most homes today is becoming a silent killer due to unhealthy practices arising from attempt to cut corners.

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A Medical Practitioner who specializes as a dietician, Dr. Ibrahim Osman, says it is dangerous to eat fufu after 4 pm because fufu takes a long time to digest and therefore needs to be consumed earlier before bedtime, Dr. Osman added.

In an interview with Daakyehene Ofosu Agyeman on TV XYZ, Dr. Osman added that it is best to eat light food before going to bed.

“It is a bad practice to eat heavy food as breakfast since the intestines close during sleeping hours and opens slowly,” he said.

For afternoon meals, Dr. Osman advised it is best to take heavy food because it digests faster during the period of time.

He advised all to avoid junk foods and eat more fruits and vegetables.

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