E-Levy Update: Less Than Ten Days Checkout How Much Money GRA Has Made So Far for The Country

E-levy Deduction Below 100 Cedis: MTN Sends Good Message to All Those Who Were Affected

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The implementation of the Electronic Transaction Levy (E-levy) started on May 1 2022, as announced by the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA).

This has caused anger in frustration on social media as some complain about being deducted the lowest amount they send and thus, the e-levy applies regardless of the amount you send.

Why Is “AMBULANCE” Written Upside Down in Front of the Trucks?

However, in an interview on Joynews Live Broadcast yesterday, Eli Hini, who is Head of Mobile Financial Services said that; “deductions made by MTN on transfers below GHS 100 will be refunded. This is great as it shows how competent and not self-centered MTN is. Indeed, MTN is a service provider that can be trusted.”

What You Need to Know About E-Levy

Electronic transactions that will not come with a 1.5% tax rate.

  • A cumulative transfer of ¢100 made by the same person.
  • A transfer between accounts owned by the same person.
  • Transfers for the payment of taxes, fees and charges on the Ghana.gov platform
  • Electronic clearing of cheques
  • Specified merchant payments (that is, payments to commercial establishments registered with the GRA for income tax and VAT purposes)
  • Transfers between principal, master agent, and agent’s accounts.

Transfers that will be affected include:

  • Mobile money transfers done between accounts on the same Electronic Money Issuer.
  • Mobile money transfers to a receiver on another Electronic Money Issuer [Interoperability transfer]
  • Transfer from a bank account to [another person’s] mobile money account.
  • From a mobile money account to [another person’s] bank account.
  • Bank transfers on an instant paid digital platform.

By: Michael Djan

French Tutor and Digital Marketing Blogger/Content Writer and GhanaWeb Professional Reporter/ frencheducationgh.com

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