Don’t Leave Ghana for Greener Pastures, No Place Like Home

“Don’t Leave Ghana for Greener Pastures, No Place Like Home”– French Ambassador

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The French Ambassador to Ghana, Anne Sophie Avé, has advised young Ghanaians to stay home and build the country rather than leaving Ghana for greener pastures

Anne Sophia was invited as a special Guest of honor to grace the inaugural National Union of Ghana Students, NUGS, General Assembly sitting which took place at the KSB Block C Auditorium.

Speaking to the students, she said, “you shouldn’t leave the country (Ghana) for greener pastures elsewhere, there’s no place like home.” After making this comment, she was asked why she is not in her country instead. She answered, “Life of a diplomat.”

After the program, she spoke with an Accra-based media house Joy Prime where she disclosed how she is being pestered by social media users on Twitter wanting help to travel outside the country.

Speaking on the program, Top Assignment aired on Joy Prime, Anne Sophie Ave asked people pestering her for visas and traveling opportunities to travel out to desist from that as she has no role in securing and processing visas.

“There’s no point calling me: there’s no point harassing me on social media. I cannot do a visa. The decision is made by French Immigration”.

“Thanks to the interconnection and the internet, everything is now remotely decided and all we do when we get the agreement is to print the visa and stick tit on your passport. We don’t make and we don’t overturn decisions made by the immigration service”, she stated.


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