Do Teachers Want Their Children to Teach in The Future?

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A Doctor may wish his/her child becomes a doctor, a Lawyer may influence his/her child to be a lawyer, an Accountant wishes his/her child could be very good in Maths and Statistics also to become an Accountant in the future and the list goes on. Thinking about those careers with their high value, respect and status in the society, I just want to find out if teaching is a profession that Teachers would like their children to pursue in the future.

The Teaching Profession has so many issues. In this article, I have decided to focus on three key points:

  1. Analyzing the context of the teacher’s condition and their salary
  2. Understanding the level of respect, the society and students have for them
  3. Future Teachers

Teacher’s condition and their salary

It has been KNOWN that the higher the salary, the better the performance of students. This is true, that’s why majority of private schools have good academic performance, even some Government Teachers enroll their children into those private schools.  Teachers’ pay and conditions are one of the most discussed topics among parents and the general public.

On the other hand, the society view Physicians, Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants… with a lot of respect and they expect him/her in that category to have an excellent salary. Sadly, in the case of Teachers, it is a profession with less respect, less value and low income. It is understandable why, majority of Teachers in our country complain about their welfare and low salary.

The respect of the society and students toward the Teachers 

One cannot talk about issues in the teaching profession without talking about RESPECT.

Although, many countries feel that teachers are caring, hardworking, influential, inspiring, intelligent, and trustworthy. In places such as China, Malaysia and Singapore, where teachers are seen as high-ranking professionals with an excellent pay, the society see such Teachers as highly competent and at the same time viewed with great respect. The opposite is true in Ghana and some African countries. Although, Teachers are seen as highly influential people in a child’s education, their status in society is very low to the extent that, in some rural places, Teachers are being chased, beaten up or even killed. Student’s respect towards their Teachers in this country is very weak.

Future Teachers

However, in countries with a higher level of respect for Teachers, such as China, Singapore and Malaysia, I am sure more than half of Teachers would like to encourage their children to pursue the Teaching Profession.

Back to my question if “Do Teachers want their children to teach in the future?”. I am sure if a survey should be conducted in Ghana, I am not sure if we would get more than 5% who would like to encourage their child to enter the Teaching Profession, in a country where the Teacher is least respected and with a low income as well. How will our future kids’ education be if we produce Teachers who lack passion, commitment and dedication in the Teaching Profession?

Finally, from my point of view, if the Teaching career is respected, there will be more people interested in dedicating themselves to this Profession, and the academic performance of the students will also improve.

 Do you want your child to teach in the future?

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Zeus Gongob
2 years ago

Man this article is superb❤️❤️❤️