Do Remember the Woman That Was Seen Hawking While Carrying Twins

Do Remember the Woman That Was Seen Hawking While Carrying Twins? Her Life Has Changed completely

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The African mother possesses some extra qualities that make them unique, she can go hungry all day as long as her children feed, she is not shy breastfeeding her baby in public etc…

kayaye in Ghana

“Kayaye” (kayayee, plural) is the name given to a girl or woman in Ghana who works in the market places of large cities as a head porter-carrying the loads of shoppers in buckets or baskets balanced on her head for a fee.

Their goals are as varied as their jobs. Many see the kayaye experience as an opportunity to acquire the items they need to build up their marriage dowry. Others are escaping forced marriage, while still others wish to buy second-hand clothes and start a small business once back home. Some claim they want to collect money to pay school fees for themselves or their brothers and sisters.

I’m sure you remember very well the poor Trending Kayaye mother of twins. When her story was shared on numerous social media sites, Ghanaians generously began making large payments to her. Let’s check out her new life now.

According to journalist Manasseh Azure Awuni, the woman never let her assistants down. Her life has completely transformed for the better. She now owns a grocery store. She no longer hawks on the streets, and her children are properly taken care of.

This is, indeed, a very nice indicator of womanhood. After her current state was revealed, social media followers continued to congratulate the benefactors. The organisers of the entire aiding operation were not overlooked. Manasseh Azure Awuni and Mabel Aku Banasseh were thanked for using their platforms to highlight the situation of the poor Kayaye woman.


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