Date Rush Is Not Our Culture; Parliament Must Make a Law to Ban It

Date Rush Is Not Our Culture; Parliament Must Make a Law to Ban It-Ghanaian Blogger Albert Nat Hyde

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Date Rush is a popular reality show organized by the Media General Group and shown on TV3 every Sunday evening. This show allows one guy with ten ladies to pick their potential one who he’s compatible with. Ladies interested in dating the guy compete on who gets to win his heart, whereas those who lack interest leave it to those who want a chance with the guy.

However, concerned Ghanaian blogger, Albert Nat Hyde believes the show must be banned because it is not our culture.

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In a post sighted on Albert’s Twitter page, Government must not allow Date Rush to go on since it serves as a negative influence on the minds of viewers, especially the youth.

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According to him, the show (Date Rush) needs to be banned on national TV at that hour because of its “promiscuous and sexually provocative” content.

Albert writes on his Twitter page;

“#DateRush is alien to our culture, parliament must enact a law to ban it”

That promiscuous and sexually provocative content should not be shown at that ungodly hour on national television.”

The truth is, Date Rush is currently the show with the highest ratings and viewership in Ghana in the evenings of every Sunday.

By: Michael Djan

French Tutor and Digital Marketing Blogger/Content Writer and GhanaWeb Blogger @

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