Date for NTC Licensure Exams 2022 Revealed with All the Latest Updates

Date for NTC Licensure Exams 2022 Revealed with All the Latest Updates

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The National Teaching Council (NTC) has revealed that the 2022 edition of the Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination (GTLE) will be held on the 28th and 29th of March 2022. This will be the eighth maiden edition of the GLTE since it was introduced by The National Teaching Council (NTC).

The confirmation portal for the 2022 NTC licensure exams will be opened for the eligible candidates to confirm their status in the last week of February.

When will the 2022 NTC GTLE Registration Portal be open?

The registration portal will be open on March 6th, 2022.

Registration Fees for the 2022 NTC GTLE Examinations

a) Fresh candidates are required to pay GHȻ 280.00 to register for the examination.

b) Candidates who are re-sitting are to pay GHȻ 150.00 for one (1) Re-sit paper.

c). Candidates who are re-sitting two (2) papers are to pay GHȻ 250.00.

Latest Updates about the 2022 NTC GTLE Examinations

The first edition for the year 2022 (this serves as the eighth edition since its foundation) will include all the courses: numeracy, literacy, and essential professional skills.

On the other hand, the ninth edition is going to incorporate the new reform as proposed by the National Teaching Council (NTC). This means that the NTC will take out numeracy and literacy and use them as the college entrance examination.

NOTE: It is advisable for all the candidates, both new and re-sitters, to download the NTC Solved past questions and answers to get prepared for the upcoming exams in March.

It is important for candidates to note that if they do not redeem or pass the upcoming exams, they will be involved in the new reform, which consists of the new course introduced by the national teaching council.

How to Purchase NTC Licensure Examination Registration

E-Voucher Via Mobile Money

1. MOMO Payment can be made through the short code *772*51#

2. Take Pin and Serial No. from the Bank after payment.

3. Log onto

4. Enter your e-voucher Serial Number and PIN

5. Fill in all the fields and remember to upload your passport-size photograph.


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