A newly unveiled statue of Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo is dividing opinion in India.

Placed in the western Goa state, where football is hugely popular, officials hope it will inspire young people.

But Goa is also a former Portuguese colony, and it is 60 years since the state was liberated from Portugal.

Critics say local football players should have been honoured, especially since several past and present members of India’s national team are Goan.

“Very disappointed to hear of the statue of Ronaldo being erected. Learn to take pride in our own icons like Samir Naik and Bruno Coutinho,” a local Goan told the IANS news agency.

During the statue’s inauguration, some people waved black flags in protest, the Times of India newspaper reported.

Portugal’s football team is popular in Goa, and due to its colonial past, many locals have lived in Portugal or have family there.

But some people in the Indian state feel it is insulting to install the statue during the 60th anniversary celebrations of Goa finally gaining independence from Portugal, which happened 14 years after the rest of India was liberated from British rule.

“To erect a statue of a Portuguese footballer this year is sacrilegious. We condemn this,” IANS quoted right-wing activist Guru Shirodkar as saying.

“There are many freedom fighters in Goa who have been insulted,” he added.

Source: BBC

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