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Chalk Particles, A Great Enemy to Ghanaian Teachers

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Growing up in an environment surrounded with teachers, I have observed that many teachers who spend almost all their entire working durations in the classroom wear medicated glass by the time they retire. In most cases, the reason given is because of the chalk particles that fall on their eyes whenever they use the chalkboard.

Every occupation has got its own hazards but chalk particles fallen on the eyes of teachers is a great occupational hazard no one is paying attention to it.

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For how long will we be damaging the eyes of those who impact knowledge into us. Why are we still using chalkboard in this 21st century world when we know we are damaging the eyes our teachers.

This is very serious and needs urgent remedy. Teachers cannot continue to suffer because of the use of chalk which could be altered.

I appeal to all stakeholders of our education to rise to the occasion. Let’s use the materials that will reduce the hazard. Teachers cannot continue to use their retirement benefits to fight eye problems when they retire.

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In any plan or solution, there must be a plan B. Hence another alternative is for teachers to use spectacles whenever they are writing on the board when using chalk.

This will minimize the risk of chalk particles falling directly into the eyes of teachers.

By Currentworldnews (self media writer)

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