CCTV Footage of How Ghanaian Taxi Driver Was Lynched in The US

CCTV Footage of How Ghanaian Taxi Driver Was Lynched in The US

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A disturbing footage about how the Ghanaian taxi driver was murdered in the US has surfaced online.

The 52-year-old taxi driver, Gyimah Kutin was jumped by five passengers who reportedly refused to pay the fare.

The incident occurred in Queens in New York on Saturday, August 14, triggered the arrest of three suspects.

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The police have released new CCTV videos detailing what occurred on that day, one of the males slammed the driver with a heavy blow to the floor.

He appeared to have smashed his head in opposition to the floor and was rendered unconscious.

The video made public by the New York Police Department showed 2 males and 3 females attacking the driver on a pavement.

Meanwhile, Ghana’s Consul-General of New York, Daniel Kingsley Atta Boafo, says the arrest of the suspects is welcoming news to the Ghana Mission in the US.

“It is a great joy for the people of Ghana resident in the US and the Ghana Consulate of New York, the speed with which the US Police have been able to apprehend two of the perpetrators of the killing of the innocent Ghanaian taxi driver, Kutin Gyimah,” he said.

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