Broken Heart Killing More Women in Ghana Than Malaria

Broken Heart Killing More Women in Ghana Than Malaria–Research

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Shocking! Millions of Ghanaians die of broken heart each day than malaria, according to latest research.

The research reveals that ‘although malaria is a killer disease the rate at which people in Ghana die of it has slowed down drastically in the past 10 years compared to broken heart ‘.

However, a significant number of people have died in the last decade and continue to die as a result of heartbreak coming from crumbling relationships’, the researchers stated in a yet-to-be published document sighted by

The study further observed that lately, most Ghanaians, young and old prefer to engage themselves in ‘too risky and complex sexual relationships’ due to external cultural influence.

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It maintained that ‘females relatively suffer emotional shocks than their male counterpart as they are weak emotionally and highly dependent on men for economic survival’.

The study predicted that half of Ghanaian women will likely end up in the mental hospital in the next 5years because they stress themselves too much when they are in a relationship.

How It Is Medically Possible to Die of Broken Heart

Research shows that in the first 30 days after break up, your risk of dying significantly increases.

Within this period, people often experience broken heart syndrome medically known as Takotsubo cardiomyopathy. The term — takotsubo — is named after a Japanese octopus’ pot.

Australian Heart Surgeon Nikki Stamp Yes, You Can Die of a Broken Heart

She explains that ‘What we know is that for some people the stress of losing a loved one, or any kind of stressful event in your life, does precipitate a whole bunch of reactions in the physical body as well as in your mind that can cause disease and sometimes cause someone to pass away’.

Broken heart increases your heart rate and blood pressure, makes your heart work faster, makes your blood sticky, ruins your immune system’, Dr. Stamp added.

The end results could be devastating–death!


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