Bawku Conflict: More Than 100 Teachers Transferred Out of Bawku–GNAT

Bawku Conflict: More Than 100 Teachers Transferred Out of Bawku–GNAT

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The toll of the long-lasting conflict in Bawku would cause irreparable damage to the lives of the people resident in the area; particularly in the areas of health and education.

This is because critical staff needed to address the health and education concerns of the people of the area are relocating and seeking transfers out of the area in droves.

It has come to light that the Bawku area has already lost 104 teachers within the last few months through transfers. 20 more teacher transfers are still pending.

This came to light when the Deputy General Secretary for GNAT, in Charge of Education and Professional Development, Kwame Dagbandow spoke on A1 Radio’s Day Break Upper East Show.

“I went there [Bawku] on behalf of my General Secretary of GNAT, Thomas Tanko Musah. You would recall that on the 13th of May, my General Secretary granted an interview to Tv3 and in that interview, he called for peace in Bawku. The reason why we called for peace in Bawku is that we are fully informed of the fact that teachers are leaving the place. Yesterday it was confirmed that 104 teachers had been relieved from Bawku and 20 are still on the table to be released and I want to believe that health workers and all other workers have left the place.”

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We are saying that the community should give peace the chance. So the General Secretary sent me to come and say that we need peace in Bawku. We know that already, we are faced with poverty in that area. We also know that education is the key to unlocking development so if we cannot have our teachers in the classroom to teach, what it then means is that, we will not be able to use education to bring about development in that area,” he explained.

Mr. Dagbandow explained that as a Union, it is not interested in the origin of the conflict but only the solution to the current conflict. He explained that as professionals, they are very concerned about the development and furtherance of education within the area.


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