Michael Djan is a professional French teacher graduated from University of Education, Winneba. He is the native French speaker from Ivory Coast (Abidjan). Since school time, he has been on a quest to change lives, to have some type of impact on students and individuals with the mind of helping them to appreciate French as a second language. Time has allowed him to remain motivated to teach. There are always times when he is fascinated by a new idea or a new concept that has the ability to move a student with a relaxed spirit for learning French to a spirit that craves knowledge.

Teaching has made him whole, it has nurture his initiative, curiosity, creativity, empathy and multidisciplinary thinking and it has challenged him to grow personally; prepared him to succeed at the University level. Diverse backgrounds of students, colleague teachers and parents help him to remain engaged with the world so to speak. The excitement he feels when standing among students to teach is so immeasurable, just because he believes he has mastered his subject area.

Our lives only matter when we use it for the benefit of others. That is why he created this blog. His not an Educationist, Expert in Education but that’s an opportunity to share his little experience he had in teaching and in the tutoring business with others. Doing so, truly lights up his day when he knows he has made a positive impact on somebody’s life.

Thankfully, through his tutoring business he has been in the right places at the right times. He has come to realize that the most fulfilling moments for a teacher is not to force students to be memorized lessons and pass their exams rather to teach Critical Thinking – Language – Skills – Communication – Problem Solving.

This is his inspiration behind this blog to keep fighting and advocating for an Education especially French Education in Ghana and beyond that is transformative.