A KNUST Shuttle Driver Has Been Suspended for Using Canes On Students

A KNUST Shuttle Driver Has Been Suspended for Using Canes On Students

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A shuttle driver in the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology who intended to beat some students for rushing to bore the school shuttle has been suspended temporary.

The alleged incident occurred Thursday, August 4, 2022 at the College of health and Allied Sciences in Knust. This incident happened after the students had finish writing their mid semester exams. Student who were taking the bus after their paper were allegedly beaten with canes by the driver in charge of a particular shuttle to commute students their various hostels after the examination.

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In the early hours of Friday, August 4, 2022, the executive council of the Health Sciences Students Association released a communique to the students and entire populace on the step of the management of the college about the alleged incident.

A meeting was conducted to discuss the incident that happened and the provost made it clear that “no staff, weather teaching or non-teaching staff had any right to wield or use cane.” At the end of the meeting conducted, the driver was suspended and a five-member committee has been set up to peruse the matter and they are to submit report latest by Wednesday 8th August 2022 for further actions to be taken by school management.

In addition, the management has made a decision that, from henceforth, the school security will be in charge of conducting students a queue when they are taking the shuttles to the department and also to their hostels as well help put a curb the rush for shuttle on campus.

The Executive council of Health Sciences Students Association are happy for the swift response of the provost and the management and they appreciate the decision taken by the management of the institution.

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