5 Things I Wish My Father Taught Me about life!!!

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I didn’t have the opportunity to live with my father day-to-day because he abandoned us, my mother and sister when I was three, best reasons known to him. He may be a good man who worked hard all his life. Now, a father myself, thinking about him, there are things I wish my father taught me about life.

As I reflect on the things I want my kids to know as they grow up, I think about the things I wish my dad had said. Here are 5 things I wish my father taught me that I will be sure to teach my kids.

1. I Wish My Dad Taught Me How to Cook

Growing up, we ate at every corner, we spent money on every single meal just because I didn’t know how to turn on the stove. I wished he was there to show me how to balance food. I don’t only want to teach my kids what healthy food means, but I want to show them how to do it as well. Now, thanks to my wife, I love to try new recipes in the kitchen. I want my kids to learn how to cook, too. I want them to be healthy and not struggle as I have for most of my life. Cooking is worth considering. More than any activity, it is a skill that will make them feel self-sufficient no matter where they find themselves.

2. I Wish My Dad Taught Me About Self-Confidence and Not Approval from Others

I wish my dad was there to praise me when I was bringing good grades at home. Based on my performance, I wish he could help me discover my Strength, Ability, Skills and Talents to develop my self-confidence in these area.

I want to teach my kids that confidence isn’t built in the eyes watching from the outside; it comes from the heart of a man, on the inside. It is about standing tall without being afraid to be yourself. What people think and say about us changes but I believe that what Jehovah God says about us doesn’t change. I have come to know that what God thinks of me is most important. It took me a long time to learn that and it’s what I’m teaching my kids now. What are you teaching yours?

3. I Wish My Dad Taught Me How to Manage My Time

My single mother was a trader by profession. She wakes up at 4:am to trade and come back home at 8pm full of fatigue and tiredness. Sadly, I wish my father was there to help me managing my time for productivity. I have had to learn some hard lessons throughout the years about this. So they don’t have to learn the hard way, too, I want to teach my kids the value of a schedule, time, yes being on time and keeping your word.

4. I Wish My Dad Taught Me How to Manage Money

it’s quite surprising that schools don’t teach our children about money management. I wish my father was around to teach me how money works, how it can be earned and how it can be saved and managed it.

Money management is key to balance and stability. I have had to learn this over the years and struggle with some personal and financial problems as a result of not knowing money management. I am still working on this though, but I’ve also found out the best way to teach money management to my kids is to practice moderation and contentment in my own life.

My kids don’t need a lecture on economics yet they are not too small either to learn the basics in money management. Money management skills are very important to live a peaceful life especially in this hard economy.

5. I Wish My Dad Taught Me How to Develop Good Friendship

Many parents create a negative image of other people in front of their children. As a result, the child doesn’t feel comfortable making good friends. Most of the time, he either plays alone or avoids going out with other people. When these kids grow up, they often find it difficult to hang out with others in their community, environment, work places etc… This mentality is harmful to your child’s growth because after all, there’s also a life outside the house.

To crown it all, these are the five lessons I learnt among many ones. I put my feelings and emotions in writing this piece of article because I know a lot of guys out there are in the same boat with me. But “if God dey we dey.

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Angelah Joan
Angelah Joan
1 year ago

Beautiful article