4 Newly School-Based Assessment (SBA) In The Newly Curriculum (CCP) That Teachers Need to Know

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The New Curriculum designed called the Common Core Program (CCP) uses a criterion reference model of presenting and reporting school base Assessment data. The CCP provides level of proficiency to be attained by all grade levels of the program.

For each Assessment criterion or benchmark are associated with their level of proficiency which are shown below:

1. Assessment Mark or A Benchmark of 80 Percent and Onwards

For a child to attain an assessment Mark or a benchmark of 80 percent and onwards, his or her grade level of description should be highly proficient. This Assessment criterion was named as the “excellent” description when a child attains an assessment Mark of 80percent and above.

2. Proficient

This description should be used to describe a child that obtains a benchmark of 68 to 79percent.This suggest that the child attaining this Assessment Mark can transfer his knowledge, skills and core understanding independently through authentic performance task.

3. Approaching Proficient

 The benchmark for this description or a score mark for child to describe as approaching proficient should get an average mark between 54 to 67 percent. This means that the child is approaching towards proficient and knowledge, skills can be transferred with a little guidance through a performance task. This approaching proficient was used in the old Curriculum as “good” when the child attains such a mark either in class or end of term Assessment.

4. Developing

For this description to be used, the score line should be between 40 to 53. This explains that the child at this grade level of score mark demonstrate developing level of knowledge, skills, and values but needs help through performance task.

5. Emerging

Thus, a child whose benchmark is 39 and below should be given a description of emerging. This suggest to mean that the learner is emerging with difficulty in understanding in terms of knowledge, skills and values and therefore, much focus should be paid to the said learner during instructional hours.

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