3 Pedagogies (teaching methods) That Teachers Need to Know in The New Curriculum (CCP)

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The New Curriculum (CCP) since its commencement has emphasized a lot of creative and inclusive Pedagogies (methods of teaching) that are based on enquiry-based learning, collaborative and cooperative learning to build the totality of Ghanaian child to be competitive in the world market of education.

These Pedagogies or teaching methods are helpful for any defined professional teacher to be considered in the process of implementing the amended Curriculum.

Below are the 3 stated Pedagogies inculcated into the CCP.

1-Learning Centred Pedagogy

In this pedagogy, the learner is at the centre of learning. The Curriculum encourages the creation of leaner centred class room with the opportunity for the learner to engage actively in the learning process, while the teacher is to serve as a watchdog.


Inclusion as a pedagogy is the process of ensuring access and learning for all Learners, especially the disadvantaged ones. The learning activities inherent in the amended Curriculum ensures equal access to quality education. Thus, the CCP emphasized on special needs children not to be ignored.

3-Differentiation and Scaffolding

Differentiation is a method by which differences in the learning styles, interest, and readiness to learn between Learners are accommodated or considered so that Learners in a group have the best chance of learning. Since the amended CCP, is meant for much focus on Learners, teachers must ensure tolerance since one may encounter both high and low achievers.

Differentiation could be by task, thus given task in the form of assessment base on abilities, differentiation by support when there is a sudden notice of difficulties by the learner etc.

Scaffolding on the other hand, is the use of different varieties of instructional approaches to help the learner gain an in-depth comprehension of a given content.

By Ghana’shomenews (Self-Media Writer)

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