The Range of Grades and The Corresponding Choice of School Selection

2021/2022 BECE School Placement: The Range of Grades and The Corresponding Choice of School Selection

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Candidates who sat in the 2021 BECE examinations and awaiting placement in Senior High Schools (SHS), are yearning to know when is the BECE placement result coming out? Majority of them continue to ask; when will 2021 BECE placement results be released online?

When Is The BECE 2021/2022 Placement Results Be Released?

Currently as we speak, the placement results are not out yet. Normally, the BECE examination result is expected to be out after 45 days. So, according to a reliable source, the placement is expected to be out from 21st-28th March 2022. Once the result is out, the Ghana Education Service (GES) will then begin the process of the “Computerized School Selection and Placement System” (CSSPS).

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On the 28th February 2022, last week, the West Africa Examination Council released the results of the BECE candidate on their website. The BECE candidates are encouraged to buy the school placement checker before they can get access to their schools.

BECE Grades 2021/2022 For School Placement

However, before the release of school placement 2021/2022, Check The School You May Get Based On Your Grade below;

Grade 6 – 9

Students who were able to work hard to get grades from 6 to 9 may be luckier to get their first choice of the schools they selected.

Grade 11 – 19

Students who tried their best to obtain grade from 1-19 after summing up their best 6 subject are like to get their second choice from their schools they selected.

Grade 20 – 29

Students who after putting their best 6 subject together to get grade 20 to 29 are more likely to get their third and fourth choice from their choice of schools they selected.

Grade 30 – 35

Students who managed to have grade from 30-35 after putting their best 6 subject together are also likely to get their fifth choice.

Grade 36 – 54

Students who fall within the range of 36-54 after putting their best six subjects together can get picked in this year’s school placement to their last choice.

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