2020 & 2021-The Most Dramatic and Memorable Years of Our Lifetimes

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The Covid-19 pandemic is unlike anything that modern humans have ever experienced. The world will not be the same when we emerge from this and yet we have no way of knowing what it will look like. What is certain is that this moment is historic and it would be a mistake to let it pass without pausing to think and reflect about it. You’re not alone if you feel that 2020 & 2021, perhaps the most dramatic and memorable years of our lifetimes.

The Deprivation of Normal Social Contact

We lost a lot last year and this year: the stability of our normal day to day. We lost touch with friends. We lost loved ones. I want to say goodbye to the year that has ended. I want to acknowledge how much I miss that community. I imagined when talking to my friend. I miss the opportunity and time I had with friends and colleagues, learning, questioning, arguing, laughing, just being together.

We all respected the basic measures that reduce the risk of spreading the virus. We washed our hands regularly, used hand sanitizer, we avoided touching our face, we wore a mask probably to learn and teach with it.

Additionally, there were disappointments: many businesses collapsed, people lost their jobs. Yes, life was unbearable with harsh reality. Many families in our community were struggling already with accommodation, job and food insecurity before COVID. The pandemic has only intensified these inequalities.

In effect, our lives are virtual now, happening only on screens. I personally missed out my physical graduation, my graduation ceremony happened on zoom in the year 2020. It is a series of events that just doesn’t seem to stop. “It’s impossible to plan anything. we actually lose all sense of space and time because it is difficult to interact or engage with the world in a normal way. This ended year just made everyone anxious.

With all that in mind, looking to the school year ahead will require an effort from our part: Teachers, students and parents to cope with this uncertainty. We have experienced great losses. These losses are ongoing. Each of us, deserve the time and space to acknowledge this pain. Only then can we be fully prepared for the uncertain challenges ahead of us.

The first area of our concern is health. We must keep ourselves and our loved ones well.

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