10 Ways to Make Your Brain Smarter and Faster Every day in 2022

10 Ways to Make Your Brain Smarter and Faster Every day in 2022

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Everyone, including you and I want to improve our current situation for the better. But, that doesn’t come overnight. A lot of effort is involved in order to become smarter and faster everyday this year. With enough motivation and determination, anyone can expand their mental capabilities and become smarter and fasterDo these 10 things every day and you will too!

  1. Read.
  2. Surround yourself with positive people. They don’t need to be smart or smarter. They could be positive, hard-working, disciplined. As long as you surround yourself with people who have their own view and thinking, you’ve successfully surrounded yourself with good people.
  3. Write. Try out writing every day. It helps you keep things in perspective. I think, therefore I am. How about, I write, therefore I am. It’s a fun twist to explore.
  4. Don’t quit social media. I quit social media for a few months and while it had its positives, it also came with a few drawbacks. In today’s world it’s important to stay connected. It’s enough to make sure one doesn’t spend too much time on social media. But why quit if you can use it for good?
  5. Learn to tell stories.

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  1. Talk to as many people as you’re willing to do. Be open, stay open, stay learning.
  2. Think! Don’t live your life on autopilot.
  1. Stay on your own path. Ask yourself where you’re wanting to be in a few years and try to work towards that instead of following the crowd.
  2. Learn to be happy no matter the outcome.
  3. Learn to face your fears, instead of avoiding them. It’s tough and difficult but it is indeed what keeps you moving forward!

By: Jasmin Mous

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